Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice

Mandy hurried along passageway T-7 in the third tier of space station Orion. Dante trotted alongside her with ease, his collar clinking in the early morning silence. It was always quiet throughout the space station at 5:00 in the mornig, and the guards never patrolled this sector before 7:00 o’clock. Dante projected a thought warning to Mandy as they approached the corner near the health center, and she thought back a “thanks” to him as she felt the walls with her mind and turned left down passageway T-6. Dante knew that at the end of this passage was the station’s garden complex, where Mandy often went when she wanted to be alone. Continue reading

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Flight to the North Rim

The cottonwood trees alongside the swank hotel swayed in the light breeze, their leaves catching the sunlight on their shiny surfaces giving the appearance of a shimmering silver-green apparition. The Chollo River, not far distant, moved lazily through the canyons of the high mesas on its way to its rendezvous with the mighty Colorado. The westering sun slipped behind the rim of the mountains to the west, and on its heels the full moon rose from its slumber beneath the earth’s covers to the east. The night sky was electric, the air of palpable anticipation. Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet in East Meets West

Barbara’s parents were Caucasian and came to California from Nebraska around 1937. My Mom’s parents came from Tokyo to the San Francisco Bay Are in the early 1900s and she was born near San Jose, California shortly thereafter. My Dad’s folks came from Hiroshima to the Bay Area in the same time period, and for some unknown reason he was left with an uncle as a baby and came to the U.S. as a 13 year old to be reunited with his family. Both my parents grew up with their families in the farming areas around San Jose eking out a spare existence during the hard times leading up to the 1930s. Continue reading

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On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law Executive Order 9066 designating the West Coast a “Military Exclusion Zone” prohibiting the presence of all persons of Japanese ancestry and authorizing their evacuation and internment in locations away from the West Coast.

The Issei, first generation Japanese immigrants, never spoke of their time in camp during the war. In fact most Nisei, second generation Americans born of Japanese parents, we didn’t speak of what happened either. There were reasons why not that involved cultural elements, and shame and embarrassment over being held behind barbed wire. However for the past 20 years I have broken my silence to share the story of my family’s forcible evacuation and internment in an American concentration camp following Pearl Harbor. Continue reading

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I have a thing about misunderstandings – It’s a real thing for me. When confronted with my own, while it’s not an easy thing to admit to, I do try to re-educate myself so I don’t continue to make false forays into the way the world works. It isn’t an easy thing to do, but I try to self-correct. Continue reading

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Rock-Paper-Scissors and a Magical Game of Baseball

In the summer of 1961 Barbara and I went to Japan with a group of students from the Wesley Foundation Methodist Student Center at the University of California in Berkeley, California. This was a joint international work project with and a similar companion group of Japanese Christian students from the Kansei Gakuin University in Tokyo. Continue reading

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The Twelfth of Never


Every morning Monday-Friday around 5:00 I go for my early-morning walk – I listen to music I have on my iPhone as I walk for 30 minutes – one of my favorites is “The Twelfth of Never” with words by lyricists Jerry Livingston and Paul Francis Webster and sung by Johnny Mathis….Barb and I were married on Feb 3, 1961, and on each anniversary, and each following Valentines Day on Feb 14th, and on each of her birthdays I write a mushy card celebrating our life together – While my words aren’t as elegant as the lyricist’s words or as beautiful as sung by Mathis, these are words that speak to my love for my dearest friend…

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