Sometimes there comes an individual into the periphery of our lives, and if we are very lucky, that someone touches us directly and powerfully overwhelms us by their quiet presence. They may not be flashy and draw attention for their dynamism, but if they do catch our eye it is not because of the flash that we are touched in some way. It is a quality that is deeper than surface, something within, that comes through to capture our imaginations and dreams – this is what we call heart… Continue reading

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Two Faces: Coming of Age of an American Girl and a Japanese American Boy in WWII

Most of the stories adults remember from their childhood almost always opened with, “Once upon a time…” That beginning loosed the wonderful world of make believe, a realm made of the dreams and hopes of wide-eyed children. The story shared here began that way but in a world fraught with terrible danger: one the story of the coming of age of a young girl in an America torn by war; the other of a boy of Japanese heritage growing up as an American in a nation transformed by a single event. Continue reading

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Two Faces: Introduction

Central California in late 1941 was quiet and slow-paced, tranquil and dream-like. It was in this haven that Nina and Gordon had met as second graders and grew into fast friends. Their families lived on the same side of town just outside the city limits, hers on her grandfather’s dairy, his on his parent’s peach and almond farm. The world beyond was in turmoil and the drums of world conflict were pounding a beat in Europe that shook our national shores. Continue reading

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Background for my story telling:

June 17, 2017

I have a deep respect and appreciation for those who tell stories. They are the bearers of the truths of a people, of their inner journey as they traverse the landscape. I think of myself as a sort of storyteller but not in the oral tradition, more of the one who scribbled images of mammoths in charcoal and chalk on the walls of caves, a writer. Continue reading

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YouTube Postings

I have had my PowerPoint presentation on my family’s evacuation and internment during WWII videotaped and posted on YouTube for access by the general public. It is available for viewing at the links posted below:

Part one: An American Story

Part Two: The Japanese Community in Exile

Part Three: How Did All This Happen?

Part four: Implications For Today

Part five: Pilgrimage to Amache

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This is the story of two friends whose lives touched during the turbulent years of WWII. Nina and Gordon were both born in 1938 at Mercy Hospital in the San Joaquin Valley town of Merced. Their story begins in this quiet idyllic setting of rural California as storm clouds gather on the near horizon. Continue reading

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Black Heart, the Pirate

The sun rose on a glassy sea, and Black Heart and his crew faced their forty-third day becalmed and without the sight of land and little hope of wind. The canvas above hung limp, dry as the weary eyes of the lookout perched high atop the main mast. The sea’s surface was silken with nary a ripple, and beneath the surface the sea was dark with foreboding. It was here that Black Heart felt most at home. He leaned against the railing and gazed at the horizon to the west. His faithful first mate, Slither, stood nearby leaning against the wheel housing, looking bored. He had not wanted to take this voyage – all the mystic signs had said he shouldn’t. But the silvery tongue of Black Heart had worked it’s magic, and besides, Black Heart had threatened to harm him if he didn’t come. Continue reading

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